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Combining cutting-edge AI technologies with profound accumulation of industry experience,

we aim to develop intelligent city operating systems, to empower our partners,

and to build an open ecosystem.

About JD iCity

JD iCity focuses on empowering intelligent cities with AI and Big Data. Marking a fresh start for the companys urban computing business, JD iCity is the companys intelligent city brand which provides total intelligent solutions for Chinas urban development. These solutions cover seven major areas, including planning, transportation, energy, environmental protection, urban credit, public safety, and e-government services.

Lying at the heart of JD iCity‘pioneering operating system for cities, the city operating system helps solve the key challenges faced in intelligent urban development. This operating system aims to empower cities and their public services to go online and become both intelligent and highly digitized. At present, JD iCity has deployed its system in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiongan, Nantong and Suqian as well as other cities.

With heavy experience in industry and advanced ai technology, JD iCity has provided a computing platform, ai computing algorithms, and customized service for intelligent solution professionals. Help cities plan, maintain, and predict continuous development.

Dr .Zheng Yu

Dr. Yu Zheng is a Vice President of JD.COM. He also leads the Intelligent Cities Group Unit as the president and serves as the managing director of JD Intelligent Cities Research. His research interests include big data analytics, spatio-temporal data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Before joining JD.COM, he was a senior research manager at Microsoft Research. Zheng currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology and a member of Editorial Advisory Board of IEEE Spectrum. He is also an Editorial Board Member of GeoInformatica and IEEE Transactions on Big Data, and the founding Secretary of SIGKDD China Chapter. He has served as chair on over 10 prestigious international conferences, e.g. as the program co-chair of ICDE 2014 (Industrial Track), CIKM 2017 (Industrial Track) and IJCAI 2019 (Industrial Track), and Area chair of AAAI 2018 and ICDM 2015. He has been invited to deliver keynote speeches at well-known international conferences, such as AAAI 2019. Zheng was named an ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2014 and elevated to an IEEE Fellow in 2020 for his contributions to spatio-temporal data mining and urban computing.
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Cutting-edge Technologies

City operating system Cross-domain data fusion Privacy-preserving data aggregation Spatio-temporal data management and mining algorithms Spatio-temporal AI and Machine Learning algorithms

Industry experience

Prestigious "Big Data + AI" Top R&D team Numerous domestic projects Extensive practical experience Capability and experience of IUR(Industry-University-Research) integration Profound understanding of related fields including environment, transportation, planning, business and public safety

Data Accumulation

Massive, multi-dimensional, and dynamic Big Data: Over 40 million users' data from retails and logistics of JD.com 200 TB new data generated every day from JD Finance Tremendous amount of data from business partners

Innovative Business Model

Generating profits by empowering other business partners Promote industrial upgrades to feedback economy for its sustainable and healthy development


Platform Feature

Standardized Data
Utilize six spatio-temporal data models to store tremendous urban data with strong scalability.
Digital Gateway
Accomplish knowledge sharing and break down data barriers without extraction out from database.
Modulated Algorithms
Induce common algorithms behind variate applications and support third-parties for fast development of industrial applications.
Lifestyle Platform
Cooperate with partners in fields like transportation, energy and planning, and provide intelligent solutions

JD Intelligent Cities Research

       JD intelligent Cities Research is a top research institute in JD.com, consists of data service lab, AI lab, industry application institute, business model lab, technical industrialization department, and multiple branches in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, and Guilin. Gathering hundreds of Master and Ph.D. talents, it explores new patterns of building intelligent cities in China and leads the trend of developing intelligent cities in the world.

       JD Intelligent Cities Research relies on huge data resources and brand advantages of JD.com. It integrates the technical advantages of the corporate in fields including e-commerce, logistics, finance, big data, AI, and cloud computing. Based on the strong R&D ability and industrialization ability of JD Intelligent Cities Business Unit, it resolves city technology of new generation, solves pain points in transportation, urban planning, environment, energy, public safety and e-gov. It supports omnidirectional top-level design and cross-domain vertical applications of intelligent cities, pushing the sustainable development of cities from planning to operation and to prediction.

      Meanwhile, JD iCity has been working closely with over 20 top universities and research institutes, by together resolving major research projects, offering collaborative courses, creating new subjects and degrees, jointly and directional training of graduate students. It pushes the application of AI and big data technologies on IUR (Industry-University-Research) integration in the field of urban computing, and trains a number of compound top talents for intelligent city industry.

       Nowadays, JD Intelligent Cities Research has published 50+ articles in world’s top journals and conferences, been granted over 100+ invention patents, hosted and sponsored plenty of world class major academic activities, and played an important role in many national conferences. It has been widely recognized in both academia and industry.

Yun He Pan

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Wen Gao

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Cheng Wu

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Chun Chen

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Bo Hu Li

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhi Qiang Wu

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Yue Ting Zhuang

Professor Yangtze Scholar